Indoor Dining - Why We Are Waiting


On Friday, February 12 NYC will resume indoor dining at 25% capacity.  We have all been waiting for this day for a very long time and can’t wait to welcome all of you!  That being said, Gowanus Gardens will not be opening for indoor dining right away.  It has been a rough year and we have spent most of it focused on keeping our staff, our families, and our guests safe.


Our plan is to open our indoor space in mid to late March.  The weather will be warmer and we can keep the windows open.  Our staff will all have their second vaccine dose by mid March.  The case numbers are still higher right now than they were when Governor Cuomo halted indoor dining in December 2020 in NYC, but they are going down and hopefully we will be in much better shape in a month!  So...until then, come eat, drink, and enjoy our heated patio!